What Canadian Law Says About Escort Services?

The law in Canada makes it illegal to buy sexual services, however it is legal to sell these services. The law is meant to reduce the way people treat prostitution like a nuisance, but it is now taken as a form of exploitation, which impacts negatively to girls and women.

What it is illegal when it comes to escorts

The latest bill is meant to criminalize buying sex or getting the consideration from someone. The penalties in this case will include jail time, which can be over five years. There is also the minimum cash fine which will go up as someone is found guilty, time after time.

The sex workers may also face penalties, but the government is more after these who buy sex. According to the law, it is illegal for some workers to talk about sex sale in some area. The amendment to law also prohibits getting benefits from sexual services offered by someone else.

It is illegal to receive material and financial benefits from someone who offers sexual services, both indirectly and directly. Such offence may lead up to 10 years of prison. This will not include people who live with sex workers and these sex workers has a moral and legal obligation to help.

It is a crime to advertise for sexual service knowingly. This means advertise in the weekly publication and newspapers. However, the sex workers may continue to advertise themselves since the bill have the exemption which says that the sex workers cannot be prosecuted if they advertise their own services but the platform that let to advertise their services knowingly, can face the prosecution.

Getting an escort in Canada is not something wrong but communication, which leads to prostitution or keeping the bawdy house which supports prostitution, it is illegal. This means that being a pimp, own a brothel, negotiate for sexual service is a crime.

What is legal under the new law?

The new prostitution laws are now more confusing to people and it is not clear what it is illegal and what it is not.

With the law, it is legal for someone to communicate about selling sex in some situations. This is a key to the change that was allowed in the past which was making it illegal to negotiate any sale about sex whenever it is possible. The change was meant to fulfill the key concern of the Supreme Court ruling.

It is not legal to sell sex in the area where a person who is under 18 years may easily be found. This means the day care centers, playground and school grounds. This is to ensure that the children are not exposed to prostitution when they are still young.

It is illegal to buy sexual services or to communicate while having the intention to buy sex. This is the law that can be punishable for up to five years in a fines or jail time. The reason for this is because the law makers say that if the law criminalizes the people who seek sexual services, then few women will be willing to join in the trade.